Simon Ip

Digital Illustrator | Art Teacher


As a Top Teacher, I will guide you to draw and animate using Procreate.

Procreate on iPad showing how to animate drawing - Skillshare class screenshot

My Store

Buy a variety of products (including iPhone cases, stickers, clothes etc.) with my designs at my RedBubble Shop.

Pillow with two boys listening to music in front of a sunset sky

Lofi Aesthetic

Visit my YouTube for cozy, aesthetic chillhop playlists that inspire and calm.

Lofi aesthetic of two male lovers on a picnic blanket under the sakura tree

Hi, I'm Simon

I create cozy, wholesome digital drawings that celebrate everyday moments and love through vibrant art and animations.

Lofi aesthetic of two boys at the auquarium

Love Is Love

My art celebrates LGBTQ+ love and cultural diversity, highlighting the beauty and significance of inclusivity in every piece.


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